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Misri Desserts brings a touch of sweet magic with our delectable Indian and Western treats. Call today to order.

Why Choose Us?

☛  Unique and Innovative

  • We’re know for creating fusion sweets that have never been seen before.

★ Freshly Made

  • All sweets are made fresh from the finest ingredients.

➤ Customization Options

  • If you want your cakes a certain way, we’re happy to oblige.

The Sweet Treats That Bring Out The Smiles

About Us

The name ‘Misri’ comes from the traditional rock sugar candy that is distributed at South Asian weddings and celebrations. As an ode to the culture of expressing joy through sweets, our owner-chef Noorayn brings her vast global culinary expertise - creating traditional Eastern and Western desserts that honor their rich heritage and essence while also adding our signature twist.

At its core, Misri Desserts is our personal showcase our love for all things sweet, from across the globe. Check our vast selection of treats, and place an order today.

Our love letter to all things sweet

Indian Sweet Shop

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